De Grote Post


The hidden gem in De Grote Post.

This small auditorium accommodates 60 and is used for press conferences, lectures, debates, workshops, film screenings, intimate concerts and performances.

This room was originally set up as the classroom and conference room to provide technical in-service training for postal staff. The still present chalkboard, projection room, the original coat racks and the arrangement of the benches, are the silent witnesses to this.

Under the ceiling, Eysselinck wanted to see a painted frieze. This commission was entrusted to a young Brussels artist, Emy De Cock. The painting took no less than six years to complete and depicts the history of industries and crafts.


  • Auditorium with 60 seats
  • Warm room with many wooden elements and painted frieze
  • Blackout curtains 
  • Wi-Fi 
  • Fixed seats

Unfortunately this space is not wheelchair accessible.